Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Build: Exterior Details and Paint

The outside of the house is getting lots of attention as Jason finishes up the details of the trimwork before the painters came. We talked about the columns outside the entry and the amount of detail they would receive. I like the columns without the extra piece in the middle as you can see on the right side. We also talked about continuing the horizontal trim above the entry door. Here is a before pic.
Here is a picture after the trim went up above the door and with the paint to match the siding.

Jason is holding up a corbel to give me an idea of their size and orientation. They have yet to be stained a dark expresso.
Here is the house with the beginning of the paint. This week the trim is being painted white and I CAN'T WAIT to see it! Jason just sent me a preview picture from the house after he couldn't stand it and put one stained corbel up just to see what it would look like.

Did you see Austin's head poking through the bottom of the picture above? Sometimes the only way I can see the house is bringing a kiddo along. This visit, Austin kept saying 'this house' and pointing to the front door as if we should knock. He also found all sorts of stuff to play with lying around the front yard. He kept bringing it to Jason as if saying "Look what I found Daddy!" So cute. Can't wait to blog next after the exterior gets even closer to being finished.
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