Sunday, May 6, 2012

Children's Museum

I had been wanting to take Austin to the childrens museum for quite some time now. I thought I would get a chance before Ava was born so that I could get some one-on-one Austin time in, but it just never worked out with all that bedrest! So finally there was a rainy day and my dad and I decided to take Austin and leave Ava at home to snuggle Grandma.

I am not sure who enjoyed this trip more.....Austin.....or Grandpa
It was so nice for Austin to play with so many things that were at his level
The main reason why I wanted to go so bad right now was a new exhibit that I read about online. It's full of rubber tire bits and river rocks! Something that looked right up Austin's alley

I loved watching Austin sit on Grandpa's lap while he played the piano!

Not only did Austin love playing with legos, but you can see that he kept bringing a peice of the last exhibit to the next one......Grandpa would patiently wait for Austin to drop it and bring it back to where it belonged
Austin was denied any money out of the ATM since it's all going to daycare and our new house.....
I still can't figure out who had more fun.......
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