Friday, May 18, 2012

18 months

And he is off and running!! My little toddler is growing up before my eyes.

He has become quite the talker in the last few months. He is now repeating just about everything we say. The two syllable words are the best because of his pronunciation...."coo-kie" or "mon-key" are just a few of my favorites. It's nice that Austin can start to tell us what he wants to do or what he wants to eat, but there is still so much jibber jabber, that at times, we just have to say....."oh that's nice".

Animals, animals, and more animals. Austin was so excited to get to the zoo over Mother's Day weekend with his Grandma and Grandpa from the U.P. He just loves to make animal sounds. It's so cute to watch him point to a cow and say "moo".

But my absolute favorite, was standing in front of the lion's den and watching Austin shout "ROAR" while slapping his hands against the glass. He would turn around and look at us and then turn right back around and shout it again and again!

Now since I have been back to work, our evenings at home are even shorter. It seems like we get home with only an hour to eat dinner and play before it's bedtime. Austin still needs that early bedtime especially with this nice weather, he just plays so hard and then crashes so hard. It doesn't help that on my surgery days, I have to wake him up at 5:45 so we can be out of the house by 6:15.....AND I have thrown Ava into the mix so it makes for a crazy morning......

Austin is getting better at eating more foods including meat but we still can't quite be fast enough to make the same dinner for us that we do for him. He is ready to eat dinner the moment we walk in the door and since Jason and I are home at about the same time, we have to just pull out the deli meat, cheese, and fruit that are readily available and get something in his belly fast!

He is a lot better at understanding to be gentle with Ava. He loves to be a big helper and bring anything that he knows is hers like her blanket and pacifier to whomever is holding her. He tries to lay his head right on top of hers as if to give her a hug. He talks to her so much that sometimes I even catch myself calling her "Dow-ah".

He has really picked up on pointing things out in his picture books. It's so neat to watch him as you ask "where is the duck" and he can look around the page to find it and point to it.

His favorite toy right now is this little digger we picked up at Target one day to keep him occupied in the cart. He loves to put blocks in it and dump them out. Mommy didn't exactly know what kind of noise it made going forward, but instead made the "beep, beep, beep" sound when it backs of course Austin thinks it makes that kind of noise ALL the time. Just adorable. I can just hear him say it now...."digg-er". He loves it so much that I went online to find a big front loader, and I can't wait to see his face when it comes in the mail!

He is doing such a good job of walking in and out of daycare while I carry Ava in her carseat. He runs down the hall and out the door and can't wait to push the button for the elevator. It's only after we get out of the elevator into the preschool room, where I lose him. He is so distracted by all of their toys and books and things taped to the walls!

Hard to believe that in just 6 months Austin will be two years old, and we will be throwing his birthday party in our new home!!
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