Sunday, August 28, 2011

Austin's First Haircut

It was a last minute decision to bring Austin to get his hair cut but it just had to be done. It was getting to the point where I was tucking his hair behind his ears, and thats not really something I think you should have to do for a boy. Most parents are dying for their kids hair to grow and we had the opposite problem. After that dark brown hair fell out when he was a baby, this abundant amount of blonde locks just came right in.

The 'before' shot
 He's not exactly sure why he has to wear this, but his look of 'what are you going to do to me' makes me smile.
 I love Melody. She has been cutting my hair since we have lived in Kalamazoo, so just about 5 years. She did such a great job and was super quick at cutting during the opportunities that she could.
 I thought sitting on my mom's lap would be enough entertainment........
 But it didn't take long before he was getting frustrated and needed a little help from the pacifier. Looking good my big boy!
 And at some point, in walks Isabelle. A 5 year old girl who wanted everything to do with Austin. She made sure to read him his favorite mirror book over and over to try to keep him entertained. How many people does it take to help cut one little boy's hair?
 The 'after' shot. One happy little boy that it's all over! Looking much better buddy, if that was even possible!
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