Saturday, August 13, 2011

9 months

These monthly posts seem to be coming quicker and quicker, I feel like I JUST posted about 8 months, whew!

We just finished our last night of swim lessons. We had a lot of fun splashing around, learning swim safety, singing songs, and meeting new friends. It was always such a rush to get home since class was from 6:30 to 7 and Austin is always in bed by 6:45, but it was well worth the tons of smiles from each class. He is so tuckered out by the time we get home and get into pajamas that he can barely finish his nighttime bottle before passing out in my arms.

He is so close to crawling! He loves to pivot around and push off with his toes, but not quite taking off just yet. I am in no rush for him to do that since our house is in renovation from Jason and his bathroom re-do, and that would be more of a disaster trying to keep him away from everything. It sure is fun to watch his determined face figure out how to get a toy that is so far away and out of reach.

I can't believe he is getting to be so big! He was bigger than some of the 1+ year olds in his swim class. He is a whopping 22 pounds and wearing size 24 month clothing. I keep saying that maybe when he becomes mobile he will shed a few pounds but who knows. I could keep him the exact same way forever, I love my chunky baby!! He was awarded the best eater at daycare! He eats 6 cubes of my homemade baby food for dinner with an extra yogurt cup and tops that off with his sippy cup of water and a splash of apple juice. Then with his little birdie mouth still open, he eats some puffs and yogurt melts.  He does such a good job with the sippy cup that I am encouraged at 12 months we hopefully won't have a problem getting rid of the bottle.

He sure does say 'da-da' all the time but no 'ma-ma' yet. His favorite thing still is to laugh and chase around Lily. It may not be Lily's favorite thing though considering she tries to run away from Austin's pinching grip.

Jason better hurry up and finish this bathroom re-do cause Austin will be poking his head around and getting into everything real soon!!
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