Monday, April 4, 2011

Bath Time

Bath time has always been fun for Austin but this particular bath time at the grandparents house this past weekend was extra special.

At first I was skeptical as my mom laid down a towel in the tub and started filling it up with water. I was nervous to lay him in there without a baby bath tub. But after the initial shock that he was laying in water, he started splashing around like a little frog!

When I was little, all you needed to keep me entertained in the tub was cups! Something about pouring the water in and out from cup to cup was enough for me. So my mom of course had to buy some cups for Austin. She bought some that let out water from the bottom, so we started letting the water fall on Austin as he became mesmerized and even tried to grab the water.

 At one point, my mom, dad, and I were all in the bathroom watching Austin play in the tub, as we joked about how we were spending our Saturday night. It's hard NOT to watch him play and laugh and splash around.
 Who knows how long he was in there, but what a handsome little prune he is!
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