Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Work

This is my last week at home with my precious, growing little boy before I go back to work next Monday. Part of me has been anxious as I am still new to being a PA and worked so hard to get there that I can't wait to get back to it. Part of me has been dreading the infamous drop off at daycare as I can imagine I will cry the 15 minute drive to work after.

Austin is 11 weeks old now and growing way too fast as everyone always says. Jason comes home from work these days to find our 13lb boy in 3 month clothing. The problem with that is that 3 month clothing stops fitting at 12.5lbs! Jason always comments on how Austin can't even stretch out cause he's too long, or how his belly is going to burst through the shirt. I guess I am delaying the inevitable of putting my not even 3 month old into 6 month clothing.

I finally put him in his bumbo chair and he sure did enjoy it!

He's smiling and coo'ing at every feeding now. He also just started sleeping longer this past week with most stretches now from 10p until 4:30a. Although last night he suprised me while sleeping from 9:45p until 5a! That's my boy! I was so nervous that I would have to make him cry it out before going back to work but things change so much in one week with a baby that hopefully this continues or gets even better.

Some mornings I have a few things to get done right away that I will put Austin under his play gym and laugh from the other room as I hear him talking to the frogs and turtles over his head.

He's getting the hang of tummy cute how he puts his legs up in the air to try and help him roll over.

There he goes....well tries....
So I am packing up the diaper bag for daycare, typing up Austin's schedule and helpful hints (not just for daycare but for Jason too since he will have Austin all to himself every Monday), and getting out of the house as much as I can since next week is a whole new ball game!
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