Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunroom/Living Room

Such a great transformation here! I am so glad we have these old pictures because sometimes we demo'd faster than we could take "before" pictures.

The walls were a dark awful purple....and talk about your awkward layout! I think you just need to have a vision when you walk through a house with furniture because it seems so impossible.....but we turned it into possible very quickly!

I couldn't wait to add one red wall since we decided to paint the rest a tan color. The awful striped purple carpet was replaced, thank goodness. The wood floors underneath were under such terrible shape, there was no way we could try to fix those. Jason still reminds me that I never "use" the sunroom like I said I would, but at least it looks good! We found some bamboo blinds that just happen to fit the windows perfectly, much better than those awful drapes!

So there I am trying to tape down cardboard since we were making such messes and dragging it through the house....also it was easier for painting purposes.  Some of you may wonder what I am doing wearing a camo mini-skirt while working on the house, others may just say, typical Abby! Get a good look at that striped carpet cause it was hideous!

We painted all the wood trim white, which really updated the look quite easily. This layout just seemed to work so much better than what they had. Also, you can get a peek into the dining room which will have to be another blog, on another day!

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