Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bridal Shower: Black & White Striped with Bright Flowers

The inspiration for our black and white striped, gold polka dots, with bright flowers bridal shower first came from a stampin' up gift kit. It turned out to be the perfect theme that you can find items to match just about anywhere.

Cake: cakabakery
table cloths: amazon
cloth napkins: amazon

Cute little scratch off cards also came from Amazon. I loved that you could pick the number of winners you wanted. Which worked out perfect since we wanted to have 8 winners to match the gifts we pre-made

Here is the stampin up gift set that inspired the party theme

Then we downloaded a party game to match the theme from pinterest

The bride to be

The hosts of the party

The flower girls

Karly is off to the Grand ole Opry for her honey moon!  We tried so hard to get her to break some bows so we could have more little ones running around here soon!

Her soon to be In Laws

The Bride's family

Bride & Groom in their aprons! Time to get to cookin' you two!!
Congrats Karly and Luke. Very excited for your special day next month!!

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