Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Sleepless Great Wolf Adventure

The excitement of Great Wolf for the first time was rising in our house. At least for me it was. I couldn't wait to take the kiddos and get away with the family. My parents were able to make the trip with us so I thought for sure we'd be able to handle the kiddos..... even in their crazy moments.
 I am wrong about that previous statement a time or two now that I am looking back on the trip. But overall, it just reminds me not to rush into Disney just really, it was fun but exhausting.

We had beautiful weather. We went minature golfing the first day and practically sweat outside as we all wore long sleeves and pants. It was mid 70s and gorgeous!  And the leaves....oh so pretty! No editing required!

This is pretty much the only time I got photos. I didn't want to bring my camera into the water park and it seems like all the other moments we were trying to eat a meal all while keeping the kids occupied. That's one thing that I didn't like about vacation, having every sit down meal be a crazy fest of eating and throwing crayons, not to mention coloring on every surface, followed by throwing menus and crying and more of them NOT EATING! You'd think all that running around in the water park would make them hungry for once.

The kids did amazing in the water park. Ava was fearless. She went down every slide she could. Such a little water baby. Austin on the other hand, found one slide that suited him best and stuck to it. It was safe and fun and he put himself on that slide and then repeated about 999 times.

The downfall was night time. The first night, I found out what being a foolish mother feels like. I don't know if I thought about bringing his nebulizer, or if I assumed he wouldn't need it, but we needed it bad. The chorine must have done a number on his lungs because he woke up in the night about 1am, and couldn't stop coughing for what felt like forever. I thought, 'what a fool! I should have brought it!". After some ibuprofen and benadryl, Austin did sleep some. After numerous phone calls and google searches, I found out there is no urgent care or 24 hour pharmacy near Great Wolf and I was not about to use the ER when it wasn't really an emergency. I ended up calling in a script and renting a nebulizer the following day. poor kid. I hope he grows out of this cough!

The 2nd night was without coughing but with restless children. Despite being more tired than ever, Ava wiggled her way into our bed and Jason was found in one of the small toddler bunks in the morning with one whiny Austin.

They even had their Halloween kickoff that weekend and despite having booked the trip months ago, I was clueless to check back on the site when it got closer. It seemed like every child had their costume with them. Oh well.... we trick or treated each night as a 'cute family'. Ok so I am biased.
 This awesome Frankenstein took this balloon artist a 40 hour work week to put together!
Oh, and this is a reminder to Jason to make one of these crayon/coloring thingy's. I know it's basically a glorified easel but I like it and the kids LOVED it. Hey, let's go back to the lobby and color for an hour....OKAY!
A short but sweet, fun yet hair pulling, crazy yet.... crazy family vacation.

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