Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Great Outdoors

I've finally made it to the third and final post on the cabin. These are the random pics that help tell the story of why the three hours that were rain-free were so much fun.

We took Austin on a walk down to the dam while Ava was taking a nap. It took him all of two seconds to find rocks and start throwing them in the river.
Ahh the dam....aka The Shower, if you ever came up to the cabin with me. Definitely a place where you want to make sure you wear your flip flops or you might find some new friends on your feet when you get out.
This was a perfect place to grab some photos for around our house. We still have lots of wall space that is screaming for some beautiful photos.
My buddy just hanging out. Literally.
Lily loves the cabin. She gets to be a free range pug.....for the most part. She sticks close by but at night we gotta keep her around so she doesn't bump into any cougars. Although I heard she could hold her own quite well. Jason and I took the kids home after the one night of craziness but my parents stayed up and kept Lily. Apparently she scared off a labradoodle from stepping on her turf.
He just couldn't get enough rocks to throw in......I love the small things that entertain toddlers.
I couldn't have been happier that Jason was able to come. He has been sooooo busy with this and that...mostly Army schools. But the kids needed his attention bad. The smile says it all.
love take two!
Old railroad car. I tried not to edit it very much at all cause otherwise it seems you could easily take away the true character. I just need to figure out how to arrange all these pictures that I love from the cabin and throw them on a wall somewhere. I have some ideas in my head but the execution part of me gets lazy in the evenings.
Trust me. This pic is wayyyyy awesome-er, yup awesome-er in black and white. I could see this being broken up into three vertical pieces.
This is Sam the Bullfrog. If it looks like Austin is squeezing the life out of him...it's cause he is. Austin loved Sam like he was one of our family members. He held him until we pried Sam out of his hands. Then he caught him again. Then he gave him his very first sky diving lesson into the lake where Sam was stunned into a state of shock. Then Austin caught him for a third time. Poor Sam. He even got kissed.....gross. Austin repeated "That's Yuck!" about 10 times after that kiss.
Is this a commercial for marshmellows? It's like one of those pizza commercials where they lure you in with how cheesy it is! Only you Ava......
 I wish we had a hammock back at home. Austin clearly hates it. He had a blast pushing grandpa back and forth. Surprise surprise.
That's it? Sure is. There are plenty more actually which is surprising since I have made it quite clear that it rained the whole time. At least you'd never know with all these great memories. I made sure to document the grocery list in the journal. Someone writes in the journal every time they visit the cabin. I wrote about how we went to "the mall". The mall is no mall, it's just the only store in Morrestown and it has just about everything in a one stop shop. Here's what Ava and I bought while Austin was napping in the car....don't worry, Grandma stayed in the car with Austin.
Decongestant- Poor Jason just contracted the bad summer cold that flew threw the rest of us the week prior. He was miserable.
A toy gun with three light weight balls that were supposed to shoot out the end- this was a cheap toy that didn't work and caused as much frustration as it did fun. I hate when I buy stuff like that.
Half an apple pie- it's homemade cause what isn't in a small town. Why half? Some speculate maybe it's cause the very large lady that owns the store and likely made the pie, ate the other half while we shopped.
Six pack of Angry Orchard Beer- I needed it. Trust me. I was just as crazy as the kids. I only had one but maybe it was just enough to take the edge off.
A Cheap bottle of Sangria- I was probably salivating when I bought it. I just kept thinking I could numb the craziness with cheap wine. My parents drank it the following night when we weren't there. I don't blame them.
Diet Mt Dew- Maybe Jason thought if he mixed this with his decongestant he would be cured of his illness. I don't know how he could take both of these and then just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I drink mountain dew at 10 am and I have trouble sleeping at night. I am jealous of his sleep habits.

I think that was it........I wonder why I didn't buy any candy. Oh wait, I did buy Ava ice cream while we shopped. It made it hard to push the cart and feed her ice cream but there was no way she could feed it to herself or the whole bowl would have been on her face. Although I think plenty of it was on her face and all over her jacket.

Till next year.......
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