Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Fear

This time last year, we were heading to this exact same splash pad with Austin at a year and a half and Ava as an infant. Austin was not too thrilled about the idea of water all over his face. I can imagine he wondered why people did this for fun. And now, it's Ava's turn to feel that way.

Before the splash pad opened, Ava was all about running around, even if on all fours.....
But my oh my, how Austin had changed his tune. He couldn't wait to get his face wet. Just look at that picture. Dripping off his face. I loved it. He loved it. And I was so proud of him. I love watching him overcome things. Even something as small as water on his face.
His smile tells it all.

Looking forward to next year, in hopes that Ava joins in on the fun. This year she watched from afar.
And of course Grandpa got in on the fun with Austin.
These two are having a blast this summer. There isn't anything Austin and Grandpa don't do together.

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