Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Build: Landscaping Begins

It's about time! We have been slow to jump on the landscaping bandwagon. Jason has been busy with so many other things and the rain has killed some opportunities to put in hydroseed. Regardless, we have finally started landscaping and just in time to show the Parade of Homes that we don't love the dirt and weeds as much as it looks like we do.
 I think the black mulch is a nice contrast and goes well with the house colors and tones.

Still a few holes to place some more plants and shrubs. We bought hydrangeas today along with some Sedum, and a few other small plants to fill in the gaps.
I just have to post a picture of the bench we put on the front porch. It's teak and should get a nice weathered look over time.

Can't wait to post some updates as we continue to get down and dirty with the front yard!

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