Saturday, May 25, 2013

Taking Two to the Zoo

The long Memorial Day weekend is here! My parents went up to the cabin for the weekend and this is Jason's first weekend off after working three weeks/weekends straight. My co-worker Michelle has her two grandkids for the whole weekend and they are the same ages as Austin and Ava. We decided to take the kiddos ourselves to the zoo to get out of the house. Jason had plenty to do on the house but the kids are getting a tad easier as they age to take them on my own. Thankfully I always pack enough snacks to feed a family of six.

Austin may have some fears but animals is not one of them. He doesn't hesitate when to pet anything and everything. I have to say that I can never understand how he is so gentle and kind to every animal on the planet except for his own loving pug Lily.
I had the camera around my neck but pushing a double stroller with one kiddo that can't stop eating and one toddler than wants in and out of the stroller every time I turn my head....made it quite difficult to capture every photographic moment.
Last year, we went to the zoo with my parents. Being that Gackum (he is now starting to say Grandpa and I make a pouty face every time cause that means he is growing up) is Austin's favorite person, we figured that as long as Grandpa was going to ride the camel, so was Austin. But he surprised us all last year as he chickened out and couldn't do it.

This year, I told Austin a whole 5 days in advance that we were going to the zoo and could ride the camels. The next morning Austin woke up and the first thing he said was "We going to ride a camel today?". All week long he talked about the camels. Then finally Saturday came and he assured me he was going to ride a camel. We went by the camel exhibit and he didn't show tons of interest. But then as we went by it the second time, he really wanted to do it. So I asked the lady if we could have a refund should he make a repeat of last year. Of course, she said. So I reminded Austin that I had to stay with Ava and he would have to ride it alone. He climbed up the steps, handed the lady his ticket, and got right up on the camel like it was no big deal.
I even saw him smile as he started to ride around the circle. I thought he might start crying as he got farther away from me, but nope, he just sat back and enjoyed the ride.
It was difficult to get photos of Ava enjoying the zoo. All I have is photos of Ava enjoying the millions of snacks that I packed. She stayed in the stroller the majority of the time. Only getting out to stand by an exhibit with glass or a fence. Today was a day that I was wishing she was walking already, just so she could have enjoyed the animals a bit more. But I know that many moms at the zoo were probably wishing their kids couldn't walk so they would stay in their stroller making life easier.
Love the color.
The four kiddos at the aquarium. It only took us about 5 minutes to get them to all stand there right in a row. We lucked out today because I don't remember a tantrum from any of them.
Standing by her big brother
Of course the petting zoo was a big hit. I love how Austin knew we were going to the zoo and that it would only be appropriate to wear his tiger t-shirt.

Next time we go to the zoo, Ava will likely be walking and only then will I curse myself as one kid runs in one direction while one kid runs in the other. At one time I had both of my kiddos in the double stroller and was holding on to Addy's hand (one of Michelle's grandchildren) and I yelled to Michelle " Who says I can't have one more!?". Only joking of course as I made it look like I could easily handle three children.... Jason and I are pretty content with the two little monsters we have, so that's a big fat NO! in case any one ever wonders.
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