Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Every once and a while we are adventurous on the weekend and take both kiddos out for the morning. I say 'adventurous' because it seems like such hard work to get both kids packed and ready to go for half a day. Snacks, extra clothes, diapers, sippy cups, bottles.....well wait a second, I forgot a bottle and had to buy one.....and as usual, I forgot a burp cloth. But anyhoo.....we decided to take a trip to  Breton Village to see Santa and also the trains they have set up. We knew it'd be a big hit with Austin to at least see the trains even if he didn't want to see Santa.

We were right about the trains....Austin was glued to the glass.

It was hard to pry him away to go see Santa since he doesn't really have a clue who Santa is.

While other little boys were bawling their eyes out in their overpriced grandfather sweaters, Austin was just staring in silence.

It got to be our turn and it was no doubt in our minds that Grandma might have to sit in on the action as well.

I can't help but post this picture. Ava is wondering what the heck is going on while Austin is pulling a banana back and sliding off Grandma's lap.

Now this one is a little closer to what I was hoping for.
Austin told Santa he wanted a fire truck. Now everytime he sees anything that represents Santa, he shouts "Fire truck!"
We headed back to the trains and let Ava prance around in her tutu. She lives in ruffle pants.
Kate didn't hesitate about coming along with us. I am always thrilled about another set of hands to help out!
It didn't take long for Austin to warm up to the idea of Santa. The line went down and Santa was stretching his legs and before we knew it....Austin was running into Santa's arms! I grabbed my camera and ran over there to grab just a pic or two before the magic wore off and Austin was running back to the trains.
It's definitely worth the hustle and bustle of packing up like we are leaving the house for a week. Austin was trying to fall asleep on the way home so we did our best to sing christmas songs at the top of our lungs so Austin could wait to nap until we got home. Can't wait for those pictures someday of both kiddos smiling together! With only a week before we pack up and move, I am more than behind on blogging, cleaning, packing, editing photos.....but Christmas is around the corner! Anticipating more time with family and forgetting about the stress.
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