Monday, March 19, 2012

The Build: Everybody Gets an Arch

I can't help but be reminded of that infamous Oprah episode, where she gave a car to everyone in the audience, shouting "Everybody gets a car!!". In our situation, Jason wanted to make sure things were equal between our children, and so he built arches for our pleasure as well as giving the kids rooms some more detail.

Jason and I have always loved looking at house photos and seeing archways from room to room, or that create a more dramatic ceiling.

This first picture is the archway between the kitchen and the dining room. We decided to go for a longer arch so that way the columns on either side won't create any blind spots for when you are talking to people between rooms.
This is the barrel ceiling between the mudroom and the kitchen. What a beautiful way to create a statement to an otherwise boring transition between rooms.
Here is the archway in the entrance when you first walk in the front door. It seperates the space giving it more of a clear foyer.
This is Ava's arch in between her room and her vanity before entering the bathroom. Each kid will have a vanity and space outside of the bathroom. The idea is that one child can be taking a shower or going to the bathroom and the other child can still be getting ready without actually being in the bathroom.
same thing here, only this is Austin's
Taking the hallway down from the kids room to head to the master, this will be a highlighted spot on the wall with an indent to hang a frame or painting
Here's the big guns! Hard to believe Jason was able to make this and hoist it into place all by himself! This is the big archway that will be above my bathtub. I love how grand it is, Jason thought after he made it that it was TOO much, but not for me!!
Last but not least this is the archway in the master bath between the vanity and tub area to get to the shower and toilet room.
I think that's it for arches for now.......probably enough for one house. Looking forward to when I can do a posting about the custom ceilings for many of the rooms. They haven't been done yet but Jason has many good ideas!! We have about 5 months left before we move exciting!
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