Sunday, June 12, 2011

Austin's Baptism

Austin was baptized today, June 12, at The River. While Jason was away in Texas in 2009, I did a lot of "church hopping" to find the right one for us. It was kind of exhausting to visit a new church each week and be somewhat disappointed that nothing felt quite like Mars Hill. No one will probably reach me at such a level that Rob Bell does at Mars, but I have to say when I found The River, I fell in love with it.

Jason came home from training this morning just for the baptism. My boys are lookin' handsome!

Grandma and Grandpa always seem to get a beautiful picture with Austin looking at the camera.
I am sure Austin is thinking about jumping right in to the Holy Water right now...
Austin thought it was pretty funny that Uncle Dann was playing with the water and putting it on his head.
I couldn't have been more happy to have Austin baptized in front of our beautiful church family as well as our own family and friends. Our pastor Rob took Austin around the church to introduce him and ask everyone to pray for him.
He was pretty tuckered out from all the attention on him, so of course he fell asleep on one of his favorite spots....Grandma
Austin got some cool trucks and cars from Aunt Carol's adorable store, Tip Toes.
Jaqueline is 10 weeks old now and 10.1 lbs and stinking cute! I can't believe Austin was that small at one time since he is now 7 months old and 18.5 lbs!! Aunt Kate is so proud!
We got the cake from Ida's in Grand Rapids and of course we had them put Austin's favorite thing on it........Sophie!

What a beautiful day it was today and after all the fun we had, Austin fell asleep in his crib the moment everyone left. We are so blessed!!
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